Kumiko Re-Connection Spells


 Hi my name is KuMiKo. We opened  with the hopes of being the BEST.  We've achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers.  Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service.  We deliver on these expectations every time. As a child, psychic sense was an active part of my thought process and self awareness. I was able to sense the emotions of those around me, feel their pain and concerns as clearly as my own sense of sight or smell. This was always a part of the information that influenced my decisions. I  didn't realize until I was in middle school that it was not a standard part of everyone's life. I was surprised to find that it was often dismissed, ignored or rarely encouraged. I made few attempts to share that aspect of myself with others, as a result. The exception to that of course was my home, a loving place where diversity, awareness, reflection and faith were highly encouraged. I know that some of you look to see fast results but thats NOT POSSIBLE. You litterally have to wait until it manifest itself and as soon I cast your spells within a hour when you purchase it will surely start to manifest. I cannot guarantee a miracle I cannot make someone love you or fall in love. I DO NOT DO BLACK OR WHITE MAGIC. 
My psychic ability  intensified with time, like a muscle, the more I used it the stronger  and more focused it became 

As a teenager I began experimenting with tarot and various  methods of divination. I found that these feelings and senses could be  productive and helpful. I could perceive reasoning and understanding of  circumstances and the way they may change and move with time and  influences. As I became comfortable with my craft I shared with my  mother my progress and experiences, she was ecstatic. She opened my eyes  to a world of good and positive change that I could create with my  abilities. All I needed was faith in my self and to reach out to people  in need of guidance.

Serious inquiries only!!!!