Kumiko Re-Connection Spells


Crystals, tied to the Earth, add additional power to spells and charms. While diamonds might symbolize the ultimate result of love -- engagement and marriage -- many other crystals also flow with romantic power. Choose one or more of these stones to use in your love magick. You can place them on your altar, wear them, hold them or place them in your pocket.

As with any magickal working, crystals alone will not ensure your spell's success. Make sure your intent is focused and pure before embarking on magick of any kind. Decide what your intent is and choose your spell materials, including crystals accordingly. This lens will give you some options for your next love magick session.


Every witch must use caution when practicing love magick. Magick on another should never be undertaken without that person's express permission. To do otherwise would run counter to the Wiccan Rede, which states: "Do as ye will yet harm ye none." Controlling another being's emotions constitutes harm, so spells to invoke love are ill-advised.

Some acceptable love spells include healing spells after trying times and spells that strengthen existing love. Cast these ONLY if you have your partner's permission. Love charms and tokens are also fine to exchange with your partner, as an exchange would require your partner's cooperation. Ask before you cast.
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Create more love with garnet crystals

Garnet makes love stronger. Wearing it will also energize you and stimulate your creativity, making you more attractive. Garnet will help you protect the love that you already have. You can also wear garnet to provide extra strength while performing a physical activity such as a hike or a marathon.


Secure your live with this crystal


Emerald provides security in your love life and sharpens your psychic powers. In addition to look beautiful, emeralds provide protection and attract prosperity. Associated with both the planet and the goddess Venus, emerald is packed with love energy. Wear an emerald close to your heart to attract love.


Moonstone can lead your love to a new beginning. Especially powerful at the full moon, this stone restores harmony and heals breeches in your relationship. Like the rose quartz, this stone has a powerful effect when exchanged with a partner. Put it in your pillow if you desire lucid dreams. Wear this stone while gardening for a more bountiful harvest. Feel younger and improve your attitude by wearing this crystal, which will make you more attractive to your lover.


The visionary opal gives you insight into your relationship and its problems. This power stone also attracts beauty to your life. Especially prized by Cupid, this stone can also boost your psychic awareness. Use your intuition to woo back lost love.

Wear this crystal to attract love in your life. This stone also attracts luck.



Use this crystal to beat the love blues

 Sapphire provides the wisdom that you need to hang onto your love even during the rough times. Besides attracting love, sapphires aid your intuitive powers and inspire you to bigger goals. Use this stone for peace and healing after a disagreement. hold the stone and meditate on your love for insight. Sapphire helps preserve faithfulness between lovers.

Green Amber

Use amber to attract love and beauty while it also protects you. Amber will cheer you when you are depressed and brings luck during hard times. In use since 8,000 BCE, amber enhances sexuality -- be careful, as this stone has a potent effect. Wear this stone close to your heart to bring your soul mate to you.

Simple Love Potion


To prepare a very simple love potion, have available one of the stones listed below. You will also need a chaise (or a glass) filled to about 3/4 full with water and a white candle. At the time of the Full Moon, cast your circle with you and your lover or potential love inside. Prepare for performing magic as per your usual custom. Light the white candle then bless the water. Both you and your lover should take turns holding the crystal, projecting warm and loving thoughts into it. Drop the stone into the chalice. Both you and your lover should then sip from the chalice, taking turns until all the water is gone. Be careful not to swallow the stone! Snuff out the candle and your ritual is finished.




All of the stones listed below attract and enhance physical love. Wear them, place them in a circle around your bed or place them under your mattress. Be careful not to overuse these stones -- they are potent, so you want to save them for special occasions. Enjoy!