Kumiko Re-Connection Spells

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon is it before your spells start working?

As soon as a spell is cast, the energy your spell contains holds the outcome you want, your spell is eager to grant your wish, it works on the psychic frequency and therefore immediately sends a message to your ex or the one you love. Psychic energy has no time, instantly your ex will think about you, he or she might call or text you, if you've not heard from them for months then you know it is your spell working, it's obvious. As soon as you switch your oven on your food starts to cook, but your food will not be instantly ready, love spells are similar

What is your success rate?

110% but I only take cases I know that I can work with

How long do spells take to see results?

 The second a spell is completed it starts working on your request. How long full results take to achieve, varies enormously, since all requests are very different. Full results are rarely instant but appear within an eight to ten week period normally. Results can appear anytime after a spell has been cast, however it is impossible to guarantee the date by which you will have full results. The average length of time a client needs to wait is 4 weeks.


I have seen websites guaranteeing results within 48 hours, I am sorry but guaranteeing that is impossible, I only wish it was true. Certainly clients have had results within a short length of time, but they were just extra lucky.

 Will my spell fail?

 If you obey my simple rules then no. My rules are (well they are occult laws):
Keep your spell a secret at all times. I am stating this before you order.
Be your normal self while waiting for results. Go about your every day life as normal.

I have used a spell elsewhere will this upset yours?

No this is not a problem ever, some websites say it is so they can charge you for a more expensive spell, but all spells aimed at the same outcome are on the same side and will work together.

Will anything backfire?

 No, you are using a spell to achieve a positive outcome, there is no occult law that says you will have to suffer as a result. Why should anyone or anything want to make you suffer? A love spells is warm and positive, it attracts the same, positive results.

How much are your spells?

 All cases are different, until I've heard about your case and looked at how I can assist you it is impossible to say. Spells start from 100.00

You haven't replied to my email?

I check emails on a daily basis but please write again and if possible.


Why must love spells be keep a secret?

  All spells must be kept a secret, all wishes should be kept a secret too until they come true such as blowing out your birthday candles and making a wish, or breaking a wishbone and winning the largest piece.

I would like to use a love spell but I am afraid?

There is nothing scary about love spells, love spells are positive, they bring good fortune to your situation and transform it so that you get the happy positive outcome you are seeking.

How will I know my love spell is working?

You will witness your situation starting to go the way you desire, although naturally every case is so different and while one person may see changes created by their love spell swiftly, another person might not ‘see’ any changes for a while this is because their love spell will be working ‘behind the scenes’. Sometimes gradual results are witnessed from a love spell, and at other times nothing visible is happening until sudden full results appear out of nowhere.

 Might a love spell get two people mixed up?

No, not all all, in the same way that you will not get two people different looking and differently named people mixed up.

Are love spells guaranteed to work?

Unfortunately the truth is no, despite what certain websites claim. I cannot guarantee how a client will operate, I can advise them, but if they purposely do something that goes against their love spell request, then it will not help. 99% of people using love spells do not do anything to hinder their situation. Basically all you need to do is be your normal self, and wait for results.

Do you believe in God?

I would be here if I didn't

How long do love spells last?

 Until they have granted your wish. If for example you use a reuniting spell it will keep working until your ex is back in your arms. Binding spells are different, they are permanent and therefore last forever, but not everyone wants a permanent binding love spell.